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A city by the sea, Newport has a beautiful historic downtown scene that is filled with locals and tourists all throughout the year. Many residents and tourists find downtown Thames Street to be the ideal location to live and visit  due to the eclectic dining and shopping experience in the city.

  • 5 commercial store-fronts, 3 residential units located downtown on central Thames Street
  • 8000 SF total in property
  • Historically, investments have appreciated at an accelerated level in Newport

All properties are  steps from Bowens Wharf and Banisters Wharf, Starbucks, Brick Alley Pub, and other nearby dining and shopping, while some even offer stunning ocean views of the Newport Harbor.

Established: 1639

Population: 24,672

Median household income: $68,319

Median housing price: $352,500


East Greenwich boasts an upscale downtown area with high-end retail and  a thriving restaurant scene all along Main Street. The many new retail storefronts and restaurants have increased consumer traffic, added diversity, and have turned Main Street into an up and coming downtown experience for all patrons.

  • 5 commercial store-fronts, 12 residential units located downtown on central Main Street
  • 17,000 SF total
  • Opportunity for new and diverse businesses due to growing demand in this area

Given the attraction to the downtown area, our investments here have proved to be a success and we plan to continue to invest in this growing locality. This suburb is home to the top educational system in the state and is an ideal location for families as well as young professionals given its central location in Rhode Island

Established: 1677

Population: 13,146

Median household income: $83,160

Median housing price: $423,000


Providence is the capital and most populated city of the state of Rhode Island and is one of the oldest cities in the United States. It was founded in 1636 by Roger Williams, a Reformed Baptist theologian and religious exile from the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Providence has an incredible mix of people, culinary, and sites to be seen. Benefit Street being one of the most world-renowned historic streets is on the East Side, a part of College Hill, home to RISD and Brown University. This high end area has a high rental demand and strong single family market for young families!

  • 3 commercial store-fronts located on the busiest shopping route (Route 2) in Rhode Island
  • 4,500 SF total in property
  • 60 cents of every $1 spent in Rhode Island is spent on Route 2 in Warwick, RI

Expansion in this commercial market is being strongly considered as well as opportunities for minor development.

Established: 1729

Population: 179,833

Median household income: $46,610

Median housing price: $200,300